WHPDA Customer Service - Key Attributes & Abilities

Adaptability:  Can you change directions; start new tasks quickly and without resistance?

Problem Solving:  Can you deal effectively with routine issues and customer concerns?

Motivation:  How can you look for opportunities to “do more” for your team at work?

Personal Effectiveness:  Must show an ability to maintain a positive attitude at work, even when things are challenging or tough.

Problem Solving:  Can you deal with simple, day-to-day disagreements with customers and even possibly co-workers or your supervisor; without losing control?

Stress Management:  Can you work well even if there is a lot to do?  Can you work well and stay focused even when a customer is not happy?

Communication:  Are you able to respectfully speak up for yourself?  Can you verbally communicate your ideas and thoughts to customers and co-workers.

Customer Orientation:  Can you stay positive (smile and be continually helpful) even when a customer presents and issue or problem, or becomes “difficult”?

Listening Skills:  Can you listen effectively to find out what someone wants, and then help them either get it; or assist them in finding an alternative if what they want isn’t available?

Interpersonal Skills / Teamwork:  Can you work as a team (be on time to work for every scheduled shift; jump in and help others with a positive, can-do attitude – even when they need help with something that is not your assigned duty)?

Integrity:  Are you trustworthy?  Will you tell your employer if you see another person (employee, customer, vendor, guest) being dishonest (stealing, taking company items for personal use, etc.)?

Self-Assessment:  Are you willing and able to discuss your performance, including areas to grown and improve, with your supervisors?