Dinosaur Drive Thru


To families, and children of all ages, Dinosaur Drive-Thru is the premier traveling dinosaur experience that both educates, entertains and amazes. Dinosaur Drive-Thru turns your childhood fantasy of a dinosaur safari into a reality with over 60 life-sized, animatronic and museum-quality dinosaurs!

Our DINO-mite drive-thru experience is designed to feel the excitement of what it would be like to go on a prehistoric safari to see, first-hand, the dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Instead of lions and tigers, it's T-Rex's and velociraptors! Your entire drive-thru adventure is guided by a very entertaining and educational audio tour. Every vehicle plays a free trivia game during the safari. Every winner gets an official certificate!

Show times: 

  • 10am-8pm weekdays 
  • 8am-10pm Friday/Saturday
  • 8am-8pm Sunday