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Why do we want to use your photo?
We would love to use your photo to inspire other travelers to visit Wild Horse Pass.  We know our Wild Horse Pass guests take amazing photos during their stay.  We want to display them for the world to see!

Where the photo could be used
Once you grant us the rights to your photo, we could potentially use it in these places:

  • Our social media accounts
  • Our website 
  • Digital ads
  • Tourist guides like our Visitor’s Guide, Meeting Planner Guide, or Culture Guide
  • Other marketing efforts that do not currently exist, but that may come up throughout the year

We will credit the photo to you in as many places as we can.  Providing credit on social media is easy, but not all publications that we participate in may allow us space to include your name or social media handle.

We will do our best to maintain the integrity of your photo.  However, some placements may require us to crop or alter your photo slightly.